Had he stuck around longer, Goku Black likely could have surpassed Goku entirely. For whatever reason, hijacking Goku’s body gives Goku Black the ability to make use of Zenkais, pushing him even further than regular Goku could. The 3rd Year Anniversary has brought many things, but arguably the best one is the incredible amount of new Free-To-Play units. In order to make themselves ready, uses the last bits of his energy to release the hidden potential of the cloaked figure, and then gives his last will - Nail must join the group and help fight Freiza. I have finished INT Ginyu and TEQ Guldo, just need to know their recommended Hidden Potential build. Thanks for any advice/tips in advance!! Hidden Potential All Extreme types get 30% to ATK and DEF, but all "Ginyu Force" units get an additional 20% on top of that. The Ginyu Force then promptly arrives to personally crash the newly formed groups tea party. Although technically this ability is not exclusive to Gohan alone as the … Fang Titan. [Expectations of Growth] Gohan (Kid) and [Show Off Ginyu Force] Ginyu (Goku) (Ginyu Force) are both very good units and I decided to discuss them separately, but the what about the rest of the "Ginyu … He served as the main fighting antagonist in the Universe Survival Saga and as a major contestant in the Tournament of Power. Slightly lowers damage received when AGL is attacked by STR, STR is attacked by PHY, PHY is attacked … Clear [TEQ] Special Training 10 times. There is only another unit in the game that gives such a high boost through his Passive, Heartless Destruction - Buu (Kid), but Ginyu Force (Goku) doesn't have any HP restriction, making him unrivalled in this … Problem is I don't want to waste battlefield memory points on the awakening medals . Unlike any others who serve the galactic empire, they are merely freelancers greatly favored by the tyrant rather than forcefully subdued slaves or servants. Guldo should have max additional in the hidden potential for his stuns as well . An extraordinary powerful being, Jiren is considered to be one of the strongest … Clear [TEQ] Special Training 25 times. Clear [TEQ] Special Training 15 times. This power up was achieved by a special ceremony performed by Old Kai. Lastly, what is the strategy for their SBR stage? Story and Growth Events should be no problem as well. This Planet Namek Saga Team should get you through most Prime battles, and even Dokkan Events with little resistance. Activate 100% of Guldo's Hidden Potential! All Cards mentioned above have event-specific Potential Orbs, meaning maxing their Hidden Potential System stats is feasible and should be a priority. I'll probably run LR TEQ Goku Ginyu LR PHY Ginyu INT Ginyu PHY Recomme STR Jeice TEQ Guldo Surprise Strike Guldo: Max LvL 80/100, Rarity SSR, Type TEQ, Cost 12/17, Leader Skill: TEQ Type Ki +1 and HP & ATK +25%, Super Attack: Psycho Javelin causes extreme damage with a medium chance to stun the enemy, Passive Skill: Restrain Slightly raises ATK when AGL attacks STR, STR attacks PHY, PHY attacks INT, INT attacks TEQ, or TEQ attacks AGL. The Ginyu Force is a team of super-elite and powerful warriors. Potential Unlock 13,000 Guldo 10,000 Recoome 40,000 Burter 40,000 Jeice 40,000 Goku 100 G training 90,000 Goku Suppressed 5,000 Captain Ginyu Saga: Captain Ginyu … Oct 14, 2019 #1,571 Oh yeah PHY LR Ginyu as a SSR and UR can have his SA raised to 10 from the INT F2P on INT days right? Jiren (ジレン, Jiren), also known as Jiren The Gray (灰色のジレン, Haiiro no Jiren), is a member of the Pride Troopers. The Ginyu Force. At least as far as potential is concerned. Clear [TEQ] Special Training 20 times. Gohan after his hidden potential is fully unlockedAdded by BeadtmdcGohan's ultimate power up when the full extent of his dormant power is released during the Fusion Saga. Clear [TEQ] Special Training 30 times. It works for both Super and Extreme Types. Hidden Potential. Also, what's the build for the remaining members? Despite being evil, ruthless and cold-hearted similarly to their master, the Ginyu Force follows … The effect increases along with the skill level.