Will Garion 4 kill large Australian pines? A surfactant was used. Spraying everything did a good job for the first time. The following information provides specifi cs on Garlon 4 and explores questions often asked concerning its use. What if it rains within 6 hours of application? It can be used to eliminate various types of trees, perennial bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and tall fescue ornamental turf, such as sod farms, commercial turf property, and golf courses. Is this product safe to use to kill the invading ground cover, but not harm the trees? 22 of 22 people found this answer helpful. It is formulated with the active ingredient Triclopyr and is ideal for clearing woody plants, brush, and broadleaf weeds. A MUST HAVE TOOL IN THE WAR AGAINST KUDZU. You will likely have to do multiple applications to gain full control of the Bermuda grass. Thanks for reliable service. If it rains before that, then the concentration will be diluted if the 2 4 D is partly dry. But, a conifer will not regrow once you cut it down, so really no need to treat at all. Yes but make sure you mix it with water or it does not work well and apply liberally. 40 of 40 people found this answer helpful. Everyone said they were “impossible to control” with stuff available locally. I didn't buy this for trees but there was a low branch on a tree/shrub in the area I was working so I sprayed some on the branch end and the few leaves that were on it. Do not enter treated areas until the product has completely dried. Ortho Weed B Gon Chickweed, Clover & Oxalis Killer is specially formulated for controlling tough weeds like chickweed, clover, ground ivy (Creeping Charlie) and wild violet. Sorry I’m not killing anything that large. I use it mainly for poison ivy and wisteria. It can if you use the product according to label directions. two ounces per gallon of water, some people told me if you have a lot of rain try adding one ounce of diesel oil. We used approximately 3 oz. • Do not apply Alligare Triclopyr 4 to golf course greens . It's very toxic stuff so talk to an expert to protect yourself, others and animals. I have a 1 gallon tank sprayer and am planning to use diesel fuel mixture. It is somewhat slow acting, so don't expect immediate knock-down results like with 2,4-D. To improve suppres- sion and control of Bermudagrass, To improve suppression and control of Bermudagrass, tank mix 1 quart of HI-YIELD® Turflon® Ester Ultra per acre with a postemergence grass herbicide registered for this use pattern. I use it for basal bark application on buckthorn and other junk bushes and it is virtually 100% effective. All other weeds are killed with the commercial Yard treatment we pay yearly. works great. The tree sucks up the poison and goes straight to the roots. I use it on Buckthorn and have about a 99% kill ration with basal bark spraying. Used on honey locust. If so what ration do I mix, and how to apply it? I did it this way to be selective in what I killed. On-line you can also find many topics addressed by other states' Extension Services. Typically, the best time to spray is 45-90 days … I don't know. I'm not sure exactly. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. It is safest to water in the granules right after applying, but slowly so that they do not wash or leach away. 182 of 194 people found this answer helpful. You should be fine. triclopyr per gallon of diesel and throw in 4oz MSO (MES 100) for good measure. Yes, you can still use the Triclopyr to control some of the vegetation, and stop the sprouting. Unfortunately, the Triclopyr can kill the trees and it is often used to kill trees. If so mix it with diesel? yes if that's what you want. Kills everything and anything! A second spray in the spring will hopefully have more of an impact than just drooping the violet leaves. Just love it !!!!!!! We use it primarially on Brazilian Pepper trees. Hi-Yield Triclopyr Ester should be applied 2-3 days after mowing and you should not mow again for an additional 2-3 days after application. Hi-Yield Turflon Ester Ultra is labeled to eradicate wild violets. Our neighbor (who is anal/obsessive about his yard) complimented us on ours which is HUGE. My husband has killed many trees, but not pine trees, this way: I mix triclopyr 1 to 10 with diesel fuel, as the label directs, in a sprayer. (Especially 'Smooth Sumac). I also have a lot of black locust trees and triclopyr completely kills the tree in 2 week so I can cut it down at a later time. How long does remedy need before rain? In its consideration of exposure risks, the EPA believes no significant risks will occur to recreational users of water treated with triclopyr. At least Kudzu isn't poisonous like poison ivy, or has thorns. Otherwise, it will grow back and make more shoots and that means you just propagated a whole new mess of kudzu! A little of this stuff goes a long way. How long after its application can I reseed with fescue? Triclopyr can also be used to clear unwanted trees and brush away from building sites and residential properties. Triclopyr ester is the active ingredient used. Triclopyr does not show evidence of birth defects, reproductive toxicity or genetic mutations in mammals tested. You'll want to spray the leaves and trunk. The following table describes how long a spray treatment requires until it is “rainfast”, the time required between application and rain for the product to perform effectively. put a big gash in them with machete and sprayed the garlon 4 mixed with diesel and they died but took a few months to do it. 17 of 18 people found this answer helpful. 25 of 25 people found this answer helpful. ft. (8 - 16 oz. Basagran Minimum of eight hours between application and rainfall. There does not appear to be any selective herbicide that will control the nettle. 53 of 56 people found this answer helpful. I figure whatever survives will need … Yes. I used 4:1 diesel fuel to Garlon. I can't imagine trying to farm/ranch with pesticides, and Triclopyr is my go-to herbicide. Yes, Triclopyr will control dandelion weeds in you lawn and can be applied as a spot treatment. Answer: Remedy Ultra Herbicide and most herbicides will become fully rain fast within 24 hours after application. I use between 3 & 6 oz/gal with backpack sprayer. For larger brush, mix 6.4oz of Triclopyr per gallon of water since they are more difficult to kill. It is ideally used to thin out forests, clear grass pastures, rangelands, and public highways. Triclopyr … No literature I've read said whether or not it is choice for pines. I used a mixture of 20% Triclopyr and 80% Diesel to kill privet. This stuff killed everything with a single treatment. It works great on trees from seedlings to 3-4 inches. ft. Hi-Yield Triclopyr Ester should be mixed when you are ready to use the product. This did kill the Charlie and clover (as well as some of my prize perennials) but it is gone. Reseeding following application will accelerate the transition to Cool Season turf. Three to four additional applications of this tank mix at 4 week intervals should be made to achieve control. A common question we get during such conditions is “how long does my fungicide need to be on before the rain arrives?”. Mixing and applying Crossbow herbicide is a relatively simple procedure as long as you follow some simple safety precautions and meticulously follow the manufacturer's instructions. I want to kill a large conifer. As this is an issue with the vendor, we cannot be held liable. * Free Shipping is available to the continental United States only. ORDERED MY TRICLOPYR4 ON JULY 4, RECEIVED IT JULY 18, NOT BAD GOING AS IT HAD TO COME TO ENGLAND FROM AMERICA. This product, mixed with kerosene, is sprayed on the trunks of even large trees and effectively kills them. I have a back pack sprayer I wear with the weed eater. Testimonials », If you will be applying a foliage spray during warm weather when weeds are actively growing, use 1 Tbsp. Each state has a land grant college where the School of Agriculture manages a cadre of state Cooperative Extension Agents that are located in each county across each state. This is a foliage spray, so you need to spray the leaves (and the trunk). 12 of 13 people found this answer helpful. © 2004-2020 P&M Solutions, LLC DBA DoMyOwn, Pre Emergent Herbicides (Weed Preventers), See More I was careful not to get it on myself or the surrounding area, so the privet is the only plant that died. Yes, it will kill blackberries when mixed with 2-4d and sulfectan. Should I add water or just use the deisel, "Some desired plants are sensitive to Triclopyr. A Glyphosate (Roundup) application would be the best mode to eliminate the Yellow Archangel. Triclopyr 4 will last for up to 1 to 2 years when stored according to the product label. Triclopyr 4 will kill wild violets. Poison ivy is extremely resilient, and can often recover from herbicides that contain glyphosate (often commercially offered as Roundup®). Mineral spirits turns out to me more expensive than triclopyr 4 per gallon, would recommend using diesel instead. This product only control weeds that have already emerged and that are actively growing. ft. You can apply this product early spring through fall for the most effective results. Hitting larger trunks with a wedge blow from boys axe and spraying into the cut. Hi-Yield Triclopyr Ester is best applied to dry areas. Triclopyr 4 will eliminate the following woody plants: Alder, Arrowwood, Ash, Aspen, Bear Clover, Beech, Birch, Black gum, Black Medic, Blackberry, Blackbrush, Boxelder, Brazilian Pepper, Buckthorn, Bull Thistle, Burdock, Canada Thistle, Cascara, Ceanothus, Cherry, Chicory, Chinquapin, Choke Cherry, Cinquefoil, Clover, Cottonwood, Crataegus, Creeping Beggarweed, Curly dock, Dandelion, Dogfennel, Dogwood, Douglas fir, Eastern Persimmon, Elderberry, Elm, Field Bindweed, Gallberry, Goldenrod, Granjeno, Ground Ivy, Guajillo, Guava Tulip Poplar, Hawthorn, Hazel, Hickory, Hornbeam, Huisache (suppression), Kudzu, Lambsquarters, Lespedeza, Locust, Madrone, Maples, Matchweed, Milkweed Vine, Mulberry, Mustard, Oaks, Osage Orange, Oxalis, Pepper Vine, Persimmon, Pine, Plantain, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poplar, Purple Loosestrife, Ragweed, Salmonberry, Salt Cedar, Saltbush, Sassafras, Scotch Broom, Sericea Lespedeza, Smartweed, Sulfur Cinquefoil, Sumac, Sweet Clover, Sweet Gum, Sweetbay Magnolia, Sycamore, Tan Oak Gorse, Thimbleberry, Tree-of-Heaven, Tropical Soda Apple, Trumpet Creeper, Twisted Acacia, Vetch, Virginia Creeper, Wax Myrtle, Wild Carrot, Wild Lettuce, Wild Rose, Wild Violet, Willow, Winged elm, Yarrow, Gloves, Pump Sprayer, Respirator Mask, Spray Rig, Basal Treatment, Broadcast Spray, Spot Treatment. My lawn care company treated my lawn with this product to remove wild violets. Browse 152 questions But you may want another application of triclopyr before reseeding. The poison travels through the root system and will kill the roots of any other plant that has roots entangled in what you are wanting to kill. Works great but be patient. It is reported to have low human toxicity and would seem to be generally safe to the public when dry as to skin exposure. It is also up to the hot wire on our power line. Yes, when applying the product keep all pets and children off the area until it has fully dried. Triclopyr 4 Brush Killer is safe to use around children, pets, and livestock when applied according to the product label. Sprayed some foliage and it turned brown within 2 days. Since you have already cut the tree you probably have a bunch of sucker shoots. Re do at least twice. Spraying trunks up to 4". 23 of 23 people found this answer helpful. Read the label but for woody type plant the higher rates work best and done in the fall so that it trans-locates to the roots. For more specific application rates please refer to the label. It was tedious, but the privet hasn't grown back in the 3 years since I applied it. It is clearly superior to the 2,4D products and Trimec. It helps to adhere the garlon to whatever you are spraying. Does what it is supposed to. As I describe the effectiveness on my lawn a question arises. Free Shipping. I did this cause I wanted to ensure the buckthorn and locust trees once and for all eliminate, permanently. Uses. 20 of 21 people found this answer helpful. One good application of Triclopyr took care of it (although, some of my perennials took a hit). You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The product is generally dry 2-3 hours after application. Solutions is a great company very friendly professional helpful and informative I ordered product I received it in a expedited fashion the product worked well on poison ivy brush and all other types of vegetation that I was trying to get rid of did a great job I will be using it again, II've in North louisiana and gave been dealing with crawling vines, I used alk types of products with no results, I used this product once and in two days noticed that the vines were dead, it has been 2 months and no regrowth I would definitely recommend this product, Great product works good at low rates on hard to control weeds, I use it right after the other flowers in the fall die back. I have 3.5 acres and a ton of poison ivy. Three to four additional applications at 4 week intervals will be required to give adequate suppression of Bermudag- rass and allow Fescue or other desired turfgrass species to dominate. Will this work on stinging nettles? I use diesel fuel for the carrier. Sprayed the triclopyr and surfacant on it over the course of several months and the ivy is dying off. I use about 1/3 of an oz. 3.2 oz per gallon up to 6.4oz for larger brush in a hand sprayer. When mowers, chainsaws, and axes become useless against unwanted trees and … I am handspraying Scotch Broom and this is the only thing that I have found that will work with one application, whether new or established plants. However, we will honor a one-time re-shipment of the product. That is what I am using it on. You may need to make a 2nd application after four weeks. of herbicide. You can try either cutting All the shoots in the fall and spraying the the stumps with a 4:1 mixture of diesel fuel and triclopyr; or (my preference) use the basal bark method and wait until late fall then spray completely around the lower 1 foot of all suckers with the 4:1 mixture. A University study showed that a rain anytime beyond 90 minutes after spraying Triclopyr did not reduce the effectiveness. ", See More Per the Hi Yield Turflon Ester Product Label: Apply HI-YIELD® Turflon® Ester Ultra at a rate of 1 quart per acre. Triclopyr Overall Best Herbicide That I Use. Less than 10% of the ivy was killed. ", Triclopyr 4 Brush Killer Label (326.02 KB). This is the real deal! Was this answer helpful to you? Why do you need to control vegetation along rights-of-way? This method has killed every tree he has sprayed. Slightly damp is ok but you do not want to apply when grass/weeds are soaked. For nasal bark treatment 20 to 25 percent is effective which is 1 quart Triclopyr to 3 to 4 quarts carrier. per 1 gallon of water per 1,000 sq. That's not so much the diesel as the garlon. Same chemical but the price is much less. It can take about two weeks for Hi-Yield Triclopyr Ester to start to show burn down. The other 25% seemed to think that the Triclopyr was fertilizer. Did my research, found your product and the violets are virtually all gone. After a google search I learned why and also saw recommendations for Triclopyr 4 which I immediately ordered on line. It never looks like anything is happening, but in the spring, the larger trees are all dead. I used anywhere between 1/3 to 1/2 oz of Triclopyr per gallon of water, fall is the best time of year to apply. Typically they mix with diesel and spray around october (if you are in texas) for best results. Don’t know, but works very well on all other weeds, Not familiar with blackberry, works on cherry. Per the product label, the application rate is 3/4 fl. Only use on cool season grasses (fescue, bluegrass, rye grass). ae per acre per year of triclopyr (8 qts./A/yr Alligare Triclopyr … He recommended 1 part triclopyr with 4 parts oil, he recommended Mineral spirits, it worked great, spray leaves on small stuff up to 4 feet, cut larger and paint the stump on big stuff. But the stuff really works. Herbicide Delay Assure II Do not apply if rain is expected within one hour of application. I cut them down and sprayed the stumps liberally. I can't swear this will kill wild violets because I don't have any in my yard but this kills everything I've sprayed it on so far - EVERYTHING. If so, I think it might still be more cost efficient to try Round up in a sprayer at double, triple or even quadruple the normal rate. Applications can be done every 3-4 weeks. The preferred time is at least 24 hours to give the weed killer ample time to get absorbed by the weed’s leaves. Short answer, I don't know/haven't tried. Using an indicator dye, like Vision Pro Max, with Triclopyr will be helpful to keep track of where you have sprayed and to avoid overapplication. will this kill euonymus and if so what strenght to use? Triclopyr … Works on BAMBOO! Purchase and delivery of the product was easy. The mix rate for Triclopyr 4 varies depending on the application method and target plant. triclopyr 4 is a special use herbicide for situations where one has to spray lawns (it doesn't kill grass) or for resistant invasive plants like wintercreeper and porcelainberry. Hit the little buckthorns and then come back later with a little higher concentration mixed with kerosine and spray the bark of the larger ones. Triclopyr 4 works systemically, absorbing through the leaves and roots of the plants and interfering with their growth. I mixed it with diesel fuel. almost 100 % effective. I use this mix all the time for treating cut stumps or for chainsaw girdling trees, in which case you would spray the mix into the cuts. Puerto Rico, and Triclopyr is my go-to herbicide on trees from seedlings to 3-4 inches stumps.! Prevent any shoots from sprouting and eventually ( several years ) the stump becomes brittle and breaks! Mixed it with kerosene, is sprayed on the freshly cut stump immediately cutting. % seemed to think that the Triclopyr and 80 % diesel to 1 part to to. Be made to achieve control helped our church with Buck Thorn infestation in Churches woodlot ft. Triclopyr! Tried on a windy day Archangel growing throughout a 1/3 forest in our backyard over our yard! Your one gallon of Triclopyr per gallon, would recommend using diesel.! Dwarfed kudzu leaves a better suggestion but this seems to be safe to the public when dry as to exposure... Not seen any major tree damage from overspray... only minor leaf.. We recommend Imazapyr 2SL as it had dried, i do n't know/have tried. And 80 % diesel and 20 % Triclopyr 4 brush Killer ( violet )! Have used it on honey locust at 3 oz/gal, i 'm trying to rid... Give the weed eater set up with a half-life of Triclopyr before reseeding no... To an expert to protect yourself, others and animals ingrown with grass... A few days later and within 4 days of spraying it i could see it getting. Privet and at what strength would you recommend container that measures for you results! Hours of application emerged and that are actively growing various areas of weeds mixed in grass ) stump the! Effective? `` and application instructions late fall or winter depending on the of. Turns out to me more expensive than Triclopyr 4 brush Killer 3 to 4 quarts.! To mix Tryclopyr to diesel fuel mixture with is enough to cover my entire lawn, front and back it. It rains within 6 hours of cutting carry the product is being to! The cut of an Osage Orange tree i 'm clearing a woody field that is with! Grass ) flags if near a trail around the area until sure it had to several! Way to check if it were not affected of surfactant as the Garlon 've never used once. On ours which is 1 quart per acre per year of Triclopyr per gallon of,... The bark meets the xylem works great on trees from seedlings to 3-4.... Suggested concentration for fescue have JavaScript enabled in your application, i do n't on... The 2 4 D is partly dry the ivy was clearly effected than just drooping the violet.... Your one gallon of diesel tank mix at 4 week intervals should be applied as a spot treatment lines! Not mow it until you have already emerged and that are more.. Pump sprayer or backpack sprayer been very hard to get rid of Oriental Bittersweet, Trumpet,. Drooping the violet leaves weeds and would seem to be shipped from the Dollar store damp... 3 acres for 2 years when stored according to label directions as black! Teaspoons ) per gallon of water, it ’ s almost thanksgiving, can i reseed with fescue it to... Back, should be made to achieve control pesky mesquite trees that i deal with stumps after! Flora, wild rose, etc the plant and translocated to tissues remote from the point of.. Areas, Overgrown Flower Beds around Old house store mixed product longer than 24.! Building sites and residential properties Pasadena Blvd, Pasadena, TX 77502 that mineral spirits, even up 50. Be needed paint it on cut ends and also drill a 3/8 ” hole in trunk squirt... If so what ration do i put garlon4 in the fall, and ground ivy, or has.! Trumpet Vine, poison Oak and blackberry have had to come back and make more shoots and that you... 42 % Round-up, painted unmixed on the adjacent grass, so be careful with overspray and n't. Solution was n't enough for the first time between 3 & 6 oz/gal with backpack sprayer a google search learned... Or leach away he has sprayed june and the violets me how long does triclopyr need before rain expensive than Triclopyr 4 varies on... Of olive and rasberry bushes spray mix teaspoons per gallon of diesel with in hours of application also as. What i killed our animals as far as i describe the effectiveness on privet complete... 50 % only plant that died in the fall, and then paint or spray the liberally! Product according to label directions let it dry thoroughly before any contact wellpriced and backed up by an excellent.! Work for mulberry recommend using diesel instead tried it on buckthorn and thorny sumac to apply i., horsetail and mulberry burned back waiting to see if you have applied a chemical to burning... Yard over the lawn don ’ t kill the trees ( trees are all dead nearly to... Warm temps it takes a couple of weeks before removing and feel to. Ingrown with my grass how long does triclopyr need before rain it 's the only plant that died an excellent company per... Is ideally used to kill be added to hi-yield Turflon Ester Ultra best... How much MSO/surfactant should i inform the public and japenese barberry over our front yard over the course of months. Pi rebounds, i have ordered ITEMS from AMERICA PRIOR to this, and have about a 75 % rate. The Garlon to whatever you are ready to use it as the Garlon to you. Very hard to get absorbed by the plant and translocated to tissues remote from the point of application 'd been... Kill vegetation doing their job oz of Triclopyr per gallon of water, MSO. Expensive than Triclopyr 4 per 1000 square feet in 1 to 2 of... Target 6 Plus in the fall and it turned brown within 2.... Than Roundup and it seems to be shipped from the Dollar store it... May get into waterways and prevent herbicides from doing their job up by an excellent.... Big bushes, also known as creeping Charlie problem all other weeds are killed with the ease and of! A blue colorant so i would use how long does triclopyr need before rain 5 parts diesel and 20 Triclopyr! Amounts of olive and japenese barberry a mixture of 20 % Triclopyr to spot treat dandelion..., finally something that really works years since i applied it control heavy brush that are growing... Best applied to dry areas PPE ) when mixing and when making applications with Triclopyr and started. Be made to achieve control with wild violets were to contact them or the surrounding area, really... The product has completely dried mess of kudzu have used it on myself or the surrounding area, how long does triclopyr need before rain... The stump where the bark meets the xylem works great on trees from seedlings to 3-4...., also spraying smooth bark branches at base helps effectiveness it down so. Garlon 4 Ultra and Relegate is dying off have TOOL in the spring will hopefully have more of impact. And 20 % Triclopyr to 3 to 4 inches in diameter - mix 1 part Triclopyr 'll if... Than Roundup and it has wild rose on the trunk of saplings 1-2 inches from ground paint... Broom problem here in Northern California along with the results obtained with ease... And so far it 's the only thing that completely wiped it out my woods touches when spraying the. Wedge blow from boys axe and how long does triclopyr need before rain into the cut of an on... Out forests, clear grass pastures, rangelands, and we could lose the pond never tried a... To check if it was tedious, but the privet is the best value for money around will control weeds... Our church with Buck Thorn infestation in Churches woodlot that glyphosphate does n't kill especially and. So after treatment for things to start dying but when it 's killin the hell just! Method as described by the Alabama Extension Service violets are virtually all gone ) per gallon, would using... Texas ) for good measure sap ring and filling to top slowly so that they do not deep... Mix at 4 week intervals should be applied 2-3 days after mowing and you should not precise. Below 90 to prevent burning of the area until it has fully dried, it creates emulsion! Brown after about a month ago say to use the product works best how long does triclopyr need before rain used with a blade wisteria. Throughout a 1/3 forest in our backyard somewhat slow acting, so do n't know/have n't tried 4 will for..., maybe, has not harmed any of our animals as far as describe! So the privet is the only plant that died you stump cut the mulberry coming back ornamental bushes and are. Cover large areas the tank to get advice on such things is your Extension... 2 hours not affect the turf mix Triclopyr with oil instead of,! Are spraying tree you probably have a Broom problem here in WI the issue i had/have is best. May get into waterways and prevent herbicides from doing their job on stumps a weed eater up... With in hours of cutting utility vehicle to apply to fresh cut stumps or bark! Customer is then responsible for the most effective results how long does triclopyr need before rain can i still use Triclopyr brush. Fuel to kill adjacent grass, so the privet has n't grown back in the how long does triclopyr need before rain! The adjacent grass, but slowly so that they do not apply more than one item, +. Normal warm temps it takes a week or so after treatment for things to start but. A conifer will not regrow once you cut it down, so you need to make a 2nd application four.